Jay Silverheels Biography

TONTO: The Man in Front of the Mask
The first biography and complete book ever written about Harold J. Smith aka Jay Silverheels aka Tonto.

The book is historically displayed at the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre, the Sports Hall of Recognition  Brantford, Ontario, Canada.

     This hard cover, 8 1/2 x 10 inch, 128 page book contains original illustrations, maps, photos and interviews with family and friends. Jay’s life is illuminated, false information is rebuked and true facts are clarified and expanded upon. Oral history was blended with written information, respecting both sources, giving you the reader, a unique insight into Jay’s life.


     Jay was a Mohawk from the Grand River Six Nations therefore we begin with the Six Nations Story of Creation. We outline Jay’s family and his youth then follow his Hollywood career, ending with contemporary comments related to the 2013 release of the Lone Ranger movie.


     Every baby-boomer will be surprised to find out who the “real” man portraying Tonto was. This book is also a wonderful teachers’ resource.


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